Flying Start Kindergarten

Flying Start Kindergarten is a small, privately owned centre in Mt Eden, that promotes a family focus and community connections.

The centre has been owned by the same educator for 25 years. It is led by a capable headteacher and the programme is implemented by a well-qualified teaching team.

We recognises learning as a holistic process, in an environment where children develop skills, knowledge and dispositions through a play-based programme.


Highly qualified and registered teachers

What We Offer

Flying Start Kindergarten offers Excellent teacher to child ratios, we believe all children deserve the time they need to develop.
With our Play-based learning culture, children develop skills in a fun and stimulating environment.
With our “Transition to school programme” your child will be ready to leave kindergarten and start school in a stress-free supportive way.
We have Small group sizes, meaning your child will grow and develop in a healthy well-adjusted way!

ERO Report

Click to view our Education Review Office – 2016 report
Our next review is in 2020


Education Review Office

“Very well placed to promote positive outcomes for children”

What are the minimum days my child can attend?
2 days a week.
What age can they start?
We have a license for children aged 2 to 6 and the general intake is about 2.5
years old.
Which schools do they mostly leave kindy to attend?
Mt Eden, and Balmoral Primary.
Do you close in the school holidays?
Yes we close for the first week of the term holidays and two weeks over the
Christmas holiday.
Can my child do flexible hours and days?
We do not offer flexible hours, but we can offer additional days on request if
there are spaces on our role.
Is your kindergarten allergy friendly?
Yes, we can meet your child’s allergy requirements.

What The Parents Say

Flying Start has been amazing for our boy. It’s like a home away from home. The teachers make it so fun while also encouraging a love of learning. I feel really confident in his upcoming transition to school thanks to his time here. Thank you guys!! Annaliese

We chose Flying Start because when we first walked in we instantly loved the welcoming, busy, friendly atmosphere. We also really liked the professional way the kindy is run. The ratios are fantastic, regardless of whether our kids want to play inside or out, there is an interested and enthusiastic teacher/s there to support and nurture them. One of our kids is a crafty/arty type and the other is more keen on rough and tumble outdoors and each equally loves the kindy. There is an endless number of activities to keep the kids interest, engaged and stimulated. Every week our son comes home with something new he has learned, whether it be a song, a fact or around a topic such as eating healthy food. The focus on both fun, free play but also learning is something we love. The environment is vibrant, clean and full of great quality learning and play resources. Tui time is a wonderful school-ready programme. Our daughter was totally ready for the transition to school – accustomed to mat time, topic based learning and she’d had exposure to early readers. The teachers are brilliant – intelligent, highly engaging and professional.


I should also pass on how absolutely thrilled we are with Flying Start. Having lived in various places we’ve seen our fair share of childcare establishments and FS is a credit to you all. A wonderful, caring kind & attentive group of teachers who so obviously enjoy spending time with the kids. You’ve all created a fantastic environment with wonderful activities and atmosphere. I feel very lucky tommy has a spot with you!


Mothers that had preceded me at Flying Star couldn’t speak highly enough of what a great kindy you are. They used every positive adjective in the book to describe you. I was nervous coming from a Play centre background – but they were right, and then some.

It’s all about the people and you ladies are marvelous. Children preschool years are so precious and with you I felt so comfortable in the knowledge that my girls were having the best possible time, full of laughter, learning, fun and masses of creative play.

Thanks for giving us a wonderful experience and a second home!


“Flying Start was recommended to us by friends and we’re absolutely thrilled with the kindergarten. Our daughter, Alice, has been there for nearly two years now. When she started, the teachers and the other children made her feel immediately welcome and safe. she has thrived at Flying Start and considers it her second home – often asking if she can go on non-kindy days.

“The staff are fabulous – dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, fun and very clever. They love what they do and we love the way they approach different issues with Alice – often teaching us parents, too, along the way. We love the way they teach Alice about topical issues as well as everyday things – from healthy eating, to yoga and stretching, to dancing, using different mediums such as paint, clay, play dough and glue, sand, building blocks, water and a vast range of other things. Alice has made snow globes, candelabra, cookies, sculptures, drawings and cupcakes, among many other things.

“Flying Start has a great staff-to-children ratio and we know that Alice is always well-looked after and in a very safe environment. The centre itself is lovely and homely, and has a wide range of resources for the kids to use.



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