Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum days my child can attend?

2-3 year olds: 2 days a week

3-5 year olds: 3 days a week.

What age can they start?

Our license allows us to enrol children from 2-6 years of age.

What schools do most children end up attending?

Majority of our children go to Mt Eden Primary School or Balmoral Primary.

Do you close in the school holidays?

We are open during term holidays, and close for 2 weeks during the Christmas and New Years period and any public holidays.

Can my child do flexible hours and days?

We do not offer flexible hours but we can offer additional days on request if there are spaces on our roll.

Do you provide lunches?

No, we do not provide meals. Similarly to schools and other kindergartens, children bring lunch boxes from home from which they eat during community meal times.

Is your kindergarten allergy friendly?

Yes,  we can meet most allergy requirements.

Do you have a four year old programme?

Yes we do. Our Kowhai programme takes place every Wednesday through the school term, giving our four year old children an opportunity to work together on projects and explore their inquiries with structure and guidance which supports them in getting the most out of that time.

Here is our Enrolment form in PDF