Our Philosophy

Our Teaching Philosophy:


At Flying Start Kindergarten, we see each child who walks through our door as a capable and whole human being, eager to explore, discover, and learn. We are here to support them in this foundational part of a life long learning journey.

We focus on learning how to learn. We look to empower our children, supporting their confidence, resilience, creativity, critical thinking, and social and emotional skills. We see these as not only important to learning, but also to living a fulfilling life among their fellow human beings.

As supported by current academic research, we recognise child-directed play as central to learning in the early years. It is a mechanism through which children make sense of their environment and the world around them, explore their interests with focus and attention, experiment alongside friends, and push themselves to test their own limits and grow beyond them.

To best support this process, we focus on providing a warm and nurturing environment where the children feel safe both physically and emotionally. Tamariki are supported by highly qualified, experienced, and, most importantly, caring teachers, who build strong relationships with the tamariki as to best support them as unique individuals.

Of course, we are only one piece of the puzzle. We strive to work together with our families and communities to reach the best possible outcomes for our children. Our Mt. Eden community is vibrant and diverse, rich in ideas, experiences and knowledge from every corner of the world. We are lucky to be able to draw from that, and hope that everyone feels welcome in our little kindergarten.

We also recognise the unique foundations of Aotearoa/New Zealand as a country with Te Tiriti o Waitangi being the historic foundation of living in this country. We are committed to working with ‘the spirit of the treaty’, looking to use our place in the community to advocate for te reo and tikanga Māori, and support Māori in reaching equitable outcomes.